Updates and News

We have integrated our advanced m3u playlist editor with our Android and iOS applications.
Our m3u playlists editor allows you to easily:  


  • Move categories and channels to the desired positions (reorderable categories and channels)
  • Enable or disable channels and categories, view changes locally or export to a new m3u playlist. 
  • The exported m3u playlist with all the changes you want will be uploaded to Google Drive
  • Returns a short url (Unguessable) of the Google's public shareable link, so you can use it with the m3u player of your choice.


SageIPTV for Android released on March 9, 2021.



SageIPTV for Roku updated to 59.3.0 - bugs fixes and refresh playlists.

SageIPTV for Samsung Smart TV (Tizen)  version to 1.0.4 released  - 2019-11-02.

SageIPTV for Samsung Smart TV (Tizen)  version to 1.0.3 released  - 2019-09-10

Give it a try, you will love it. 

SageIPTV for tvOS updated to 2.1.25  - 2018-12-12

What is new in this version:

  • Subscribers can access their playlists from any Apple device with their SageIPTV account .  configure it once and run it eveyrwhere.
  • Switch between Grid/List view for category page.
  • Add, edit or delete playlists directly from the apple TV application

If you are an existing user (before this update), please update the application you are using SageIPTV for tvOS or SageIPTV for Roku, then Go to the info tab to create an account.