Apple TV application

SageIPTV for tvOS (Apple TV) is a user defined IPTV solution for live TV Streams. It allows users to manage their content directly from our website.

Easy to get started:

  • Install our Application (search for sageiptv on app store)
  • Once installed, launch the app and go to info, register and subscribe.
  • Go "Manage Playlists"and add your playlists (extended playlists are recommended)

Apple TV application features:
  • Display categories remotely from a json generated file
  • Display channels list remotely from a json generated file from the selected category
  • Search channels by name
  • Manage playlists (add, delete, update playlist)
Web application features:
  • Import m3u playlists (extended m3u are m3u playlists with group titles and logos)
  • Add posters to categories
  • Update channel names and logos
  • Update category names
  • Re-order categories and channels positions
  • Activate/De-Activate category or channel
  • Delete category or channel
  • Share list with your family and friends by sharing your sharing list code.